Wholehearted Writing, Defined

what is wholehearted writing?

Writing is like any creative endeavor. There are two parts - the process and the product.

The Art of Story Catching is the process - the method I use to get the writing done.

The product is the Story itself - the words that end up on the page, on the blog, on the podcast, on the stage.

What kind of Story are we’re aiming for here? We’re not talking form - poetry, prose, novel, or blogpost. We’re talking something deeper. We’re talking Wholehearted Writing.

wholehearted writing is the kind of writing we love to read.

It's the kind of writing that touches your soul and inspires you.

It’s the kind of writing that makes you want to own the book rather than borrow it.

It's the kind of writing that makes you want to grab a pen and underline.

It’s the kind of writing I want to help bring forth in my own creative writing, and the kind I help my students call forth.

Wholehearted stories are those stories that change the world.

And becoming a wholehearted writer means being brave and courageous about writing.

i'd be honored to be your teacher.

So explore the blog, find a notebook, and take a deep breath.

I’ll be here, writing alongside you.

Wholehearted writing is the kind of writing that gives someone else hope.

So start writing your story. Because one day, sharing that story is going to give someone else hope they didn’t have before. You will be someone else’s sign of hope.

But first you have to write the story to share.

Here’s a Wholehearted Writing Prompt to get you started.

Set your seven minute timer, and try catching this story:

If I could tell my teenaged self one thing about making the world a better place, I’d say...

  • As always, the character you write about can be invented or can be you.

  • As always, if you get stuck, rewrite the prompt and start over with a new variation.

  • As always, just keep writing until your time is up…