I'm Heather, and I'm a Story Catcher.


And you are an author.

For real. Absolutely. Without question.


I’m here to tell you my biggest, most audacious dream…

I will midwife into existence 100 book by 100 women in fewer than 100 days.

And even bigger than that? We all do it together, one hundred of us together in groups of ten, for ten gatherings, over one hundred calendar days.

Three times a year.

Imagine how many beautiful stories we would have to offer the world?!? The right story at the right time can save someone else’s life, and authoring your story will transform your own.

I’ve always been a writer, and I’ve always been a teacher.

Now, I write about the things that most fascinate me, and I teach about the things I most care about.

A few years ago, I started The Art of Story Catching, and now I’m introducing our publishing house, Story Catching Studios.

May you find your story, and catch it, that someone else might see your light. You are someone else’s sign of hope. Please offer them your story, and let us help you make your book happen.