Workshops in my sweet studio

Come gather with other badass women in my private space.

Sunshine. Exposed bricks. Pillows. A skylight.

Downtown Northampton, Massachusetts.


The Story Catching Studio

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Leading transformational workshops is my greatest super power.

Be brave, be bold, and be creative.

I’ll hold the space and you accountable.

So, come write with us. We want to hear your story.


Tuesdays (every other) beginning 6.4.19

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Please note: the Story Catching studio is open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

All participants must have an intake consult before participating in our workshops and retreats.


What do we do at this studio



Circling together is the most important aspect of our creative co-working. Creating a brave space for all the women who gather is the core of story catching.


This isn’t just another class where everyone writes to a prompt. Here we write with purpose (but spelling doesn’t count!). I’ll help you catch the stories only you can catch.


Your purpose is to be someone else’s lighthouse. Your story is your lamp. Be the light for others. Help them find their way to the safe harbor. And then give them the confidence to venture out again.




Spend quality away time with other women.

Without accountability, our stories fade into the background. Don’t let that happen. Come here and let us see you, your story, your unique contribution to this world. Only you can catch that story - so please let me hand you the net.