The Art of Story Catching

Spend 100 days with me as your teacher, your advisor, your mentor, and get that draft done. The book you write will be someone else’s sign of hope. It will be another woman’s source of information and inspiration. It will change someone’s life.

But the book you write will transform your life.

We gather. You write. I read. We gather. You write. I read. We gather…

And with that rhythm, we craft words that change the world.

Please, write the book only YOU can write. We need that story. Women’s stories will change the world. Women’s stories will heal the world. Let’s make more stories, together.

Story Catching Studios, Inc.

An independent publishing and production company dedicated to helping women and girls tell their stories, make their art, and change the world.

In telling your story, you will be someone else’s sign of hope.

In owning your story, you can help to heal the world.


Offerings - Fall 2019

One-on-One Mentorship
100 Day Semester - personalized, wholehearted coaching to get your story written

Group Classes
gather with other wholehearted women to write braver stories

100 Days of Writing - Begins 9-1-19
join us over on Instagram for prompts, inspiration, and wholehearted writing collaboration!

Women are the change-makers. We change the world by owning our stories.


Your Story Matters

“I have made poets of plumbers and novelists of tenth graders. I’ve read a million pages of student work and led countless writing workshops. And one thing is always true - everyone has a story. Everyone has something special to say. Every life has an inspiring story to share. I just want you to share yours.”

— H.R.

Elevate women’s voices.

“I help women define what a good life means for them, and work with them to be braver, more authentic, and more wholehearted. When we understand ourselves and this moment in our culture, we can make the world a better place. We do that through story.”

— H.R.

We need your stories.

“When women gather together, they can tilt the axis of the world. There is nothing more amazing than the creative power of women - and when we come together to support each other’s message, we will change the world for the better.”

— H.R.


Your book is waiting. Your readers are waiting.

Fill that blank page. We need your story.

Even the smallest word can change the world. Imagine what a book can do.